Clouderati vs. Itilista: Thoughts on the Linkage of Cloud and ITIL and Where Twain Fails to Meet

Recently I was speaking with project manager implementing ITIL for the whole service lifecycle. For those, unfamiliar, ITIL is a process framework of 22 processes to manage a service from “Should we do it?” to “How are we are designing it,” “How do we operate it” and the end, “We are getting rid of it.” […]

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Paul Maritz, VMware CEO – General Session Keynote Mentions Service Catalog

Paul Maritz presented their view of the Front Office of IT, that includes Service Catalog, Self-service, charge back and service profiles. This is all about Offer a Cloud. In other words, they have adopted newScale’s Front Office vision; which is great. However, based on the Lifecycle Manager lab that I attended last night, their ‘catalog’ […]


Further (Mis) Adventures in Cloud Computing. Like Bob Marley, I’m Still Waiting. #cloud

Yesterday I wrote about my effort to find a cloud provider that I can use to upload an image. I tried three. Each one is in some state of beta-ninnes, with complex sign up procedures, no clear self-service catalog. You see, I’m pretty sure they’ve done a mahvelous job putting their infrastructure in place, using […]


“Can I get a price check on this AMI?” Catalog, Order Management, Subscription and Metering

William Vambenepe has a nice post that illustrates some of the challenges in the catalog side of cloud computing. First a quote, then my comments. Of course, by the time my account usage page was updated (it took a few hours) I had found the price list which in retrospect wasn’t that hard to find […]

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